Fairbairn Family

Paul Fairbairn and Julia Paterson Part 2

Census Return 1891 - New Terrace, Eyemouth

* - Julia Fairbairn is listed in this census as Julia Fairbairn Snr's daughter when in fact she is her grand-daughter. Julia's mother is Jane Fairbairn and this is confirmed on her birth certificate.

Census Return 1901 - New Terrace, Eyemouth

Julia Paterson died 5 March 1909 at Renton Terrace, Eyemouth, aged 67 years. Her cause of death was pneumonia and heart failure. Her death was registered by her brother David Fairbairn.

Julia Paterson's death certificate


Julia had 9 children in total, two of whom died in infancy, one who died in his late teens. Her husband died suddenly in 1864 leaving her aged 23 looking after three children under the age of five. Her step father David and half brother James, died suddenly in 1870. She also lost 2 half brothers, Thomas Fairbairn and John Davidson, in the Black Friday Disaster in 1881. Julia also had a half sister Mary Fairbairn who died of hydrocephulus at around a year old and a grandson James who died at 8 months old. When Julia was in her early forties she lost her mother Joan to stomach cancer. I wonder how she coped losing all these members of her family.

renton terrace

Where Julia died, Renton Terrace in Eyemouth