Fairbairn Family

Census Records

The census records information on the country's population and has been taken every ten years since 1801, with the exception of 1941. It is a snapshot of the people in the household on a given night and provides details on a particular family and anyone else who happened to be visiting at the time.

The sub-pages give details of all the Fairbairns in the Cove and Cockburnspath area.

The date of the 1841 census was the night of 6 June 1841.

Notes about the 1841 census:-

  • Head of household was not denoted, therefore relationship to head of household is absent.
  • Enumerators were instructed to round down the ages of persons 15 years and over to the nearest 5 years. Hence a given age of 28 would be recorded as 25, one of 63 as 60, and so on.
  • Birthplace details were less specific than in later years.
  • Occupation were recorded in an abbreviated form, e.g. H.L.W was a handloom weaver.
  • Family relationships and marital status were not shown

The date of the 1851 census was the night of 30 March 1851

More detailed information appeared on the 1851 census:-

  • Relationship to the head of household was now recorded.
  • The exact age of each person was given, not rounded down.
  • Birthplace column more detailed.
  • Condition was recorded, i.e. married, single, widow, widower
    • The date of the 1861 census was the night of 7 April 1861

      The date of the 1871 census was the night of 2 April 1871

      The date of the 1881 census was the night of 3 April 1881

      The date of the 1891 census was the night of 5 April 1891

      The date of the 1901 census was the night of 31 March 1901

      The date of the 1911 census was the night of 2 April 1911